One of the reasons we buy smartphones is because they help organize our lives better. No other application will help you here better than dedicated calendar applications for Android and iOS operating systems.

Of course, modern smartphones have their own built-in calendar apps, but sometimes such solutions are just not very user-friendly. There are some great third-party apps that will enhance the basic functionality of your built-in calendar app so that you can do much more than was previously thought possible.

What’s Important?

To make the max out of using digital planners, you need to pick a planner theme that works best for you. And here are some of the things that really make the difference:

  • Color scheme – it should look appealing to you.
  • Adaptability – the template you choose should be mobile-friendly and work well on different screens. You should be able to read the text well on both a PC and your Android phone.
  • Input types – the template should offer all the necessary input fields so that you could make records of any type.
  • Look and feel – it is important that you could easily navigate through the planner interface; otherwise, what’s the reason for having it if you cannot find the target data? 

What Can Modern Happy Planners Do?

As a rule, all modern solutions work well with different gadgets regardless of their OS. Some of them even have some of the latest hardware features like 3D Touch and Force Touch. Speech recognition technology, as well as the support of simple text phrases, allow users to create reminders or alerts of different types.

Modern solutions are intuitive, fast, easy-to-use, and feature-rich apps that have just everything you may want and hope for to make planning your life easier. Most digital planners provide quick and easy access to all events and reminders – all displayed on a single screen. Besides that, many of them have different personalization features. You can choose from dozens of colors, backgrounds, and fonts. You can even use your own fonts if you wish so. So, it’s unlikely you’ll have a hard time finding a style that you like.

When it comes to calendar functions, modern applications will hardly disappoint users. There are monthly, weekly and daily modes, you can change the starting day of the week to Sundays. Many programs also offer a countdown function, which allows you to find out how many days until certain events. Apps support recurring events and provide a means to set events every week, biweekly, annually, etc.

With all the above features in mind, you can use modern happy planners as a diary. Add photos and comments to diary entries and share all your records with others as well. All in all, modern digital planners take care of user needs and experience by offering key target functionalities in a single solution.