The main distinctive feature of digital planner apps is that such solutions can be easily installed on a digital device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. The main purpose of such programs is to help you organize your to-do list effectively. You can visualize your agenda just as you wish, sort task entries into different categories, and set the time for execution.

All these features make digital planner apps a personal pocket secretary that will competently lay out the cases and remind you of the meeting. Besides that, digital planner apps are especially convenient when working inside a team. They make it possible that everyone sees the range of their obligations and tasks in a single system, so it is much easier to interact with the team within the project.

Top 3 Digital Planner Apps 

There are many different digital planner apps. Although they may seem to be similar, some programs really stand out from the crowd.


  • Website:
  • Mobile application: Android, iOS.
  • Price: Windows – $49.95, iOS – free (Pro – $29.99), Android – free (Pro – $26.99).

The creators call this scheduler the most flexible out there. And there really is enough reason for this. The solution can be used as a daily planner allowing users to make a to-do list for today. But if it becomes necessary to create a complex goal with its own subtasks, then it will not be difficult to do this either. Based on the compiled list and hierarchies, MLO generates a smart list of actions that need to be performed now.


  • Website:
  • Mobile application: Android, iOS.
  • Price: basic version – free, group subscription – $9 + $3 every month for each user.

This option is suitable for those who do not have enough motivation to follow their plans on a daily basis. Habitica combines the functions of a planner and a computer game. The service also helps to get rid of bad habits. The program is available as the Chrome extension; it blocks useless sites and adds points to the piggy bank for your visiting useful resources.


  • Website:
  • Mobile application: Android, iOS.
  • Price: Personal – $0, Personal Pro – $4 / month, Team – $8 / month per user.

This business planning service is designed for both personal and corporate use. It is employed by such large companies as Tinder, Pixar, and McDonald’s. For simple tasks, ordinary boards are used, while complex plans are presented on a kanban board. Inside the board, you communicate with the team, share tasks, and can check the status of any assignment. You can attach documents, videos, spreadsheets, and other files to each task, and the pages themselves can be merged and moved.


Modern digital planners are aimed at making the lives of contemporary people smoother and time pressure-free. Due to the simplicity of the interface and the clear structure of business processes, such apps are becoming more and more popular among advanced users as well.