Most successful people work to improve their self-organization and complete tasks within a specific time frame. For such users, special programs have been developed. The solutions store their plans, notes, ideas, goals, to-do lists – all in one place. In this review, you will learn about the best digital planners that you can easily install on a digital device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. The solutions are aimed at helping you organize your to-do list in the most effective way. You will also learn how to sort them into categories and set execution times to keep track of your schedule and tasks.

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Top 3 Best Digital Planning Services

There are a lot of digital planners today. They seem to be similar, but at the same time, the programs can have significant differences. In the rating, we tried to collect applications that have won the recognition of many users. This means that among them there is a suitable option for you.


  • Website:
  • Mobile application: Android, iOS.
  • Price: Starter plan – free, “Pro” – $3 per month, “Business” – $5 per user per month.

This is one of the most popular and touted planners out there. Projects in it are divided into work and personal; they can be marked by priority. All records are organized on boards that can be adjusted as needed. It is easy to split the global goal into smaller sub-tasks. Conveniently, project templates have been developed that are adjusted to suit your needs.

The program has a special Inbox section. Records from it can later be sorted into appropriate folders. Todoist also connects to other tools you use, such as email, time tracking, and more. It has a minimal design with several color options to choose from.

  • Website:
  • Mobile application: Android, iOS.
  • Price: Basic version – free, “Premium” – $2.99-5.99 per month.

The tool allows you to structure and organize tasks. Importance placement, tags, reminders – it’s all there. The service has an integrated calendar and shopping list. It also knows how to work with voice assistants – you can add new records using voice commands. There is a convenient synchronization between different equipment: PC, phone, tablet, and smartwatch. You can include family members or colleagues on the group lists and work together.

Using the paid version significantly expands the possibilities. This gives you access to customization of the background and theme, unlimited daily planner, and extended recurring reminders. 

Microsoft To Do

  • Website:
  • Mobile application: Android, iOS.
  • Price: Free.

It is a completely free program that syncs with iPhone and devices running on Android and Windows 10. Integration with Outlook is available as well. The program will work well on any/multiple devices at the same time if you use the same account. You will not need to type in the same info on different gadgets. Automatic data sync will do it for you.